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Here is the online documentation from my last Exhibition Mixed Memory

09 feb 2011 - 05 jun 2011
Julien Maire - Mixed Memory

In 2003 the M HKA assumed guardianship of the private collection of Robert Vrielynck, a solicitor from Bruges. This collection can be classified under the archaeology of the new media and illustrates part of the development of film and projection apparatus by means of historical objects such as the magic lantern and the camera obscura.

This sort of collection is of exceptional importance to an understanding of our visual culture.
The museum likes to see this collection as material for researchers and artists and, in cooperation with the curator Edwin Carels (KASK/HoGent) will for three years in succession invite an artist to create an intervention in the collection, on the 4th floor of the photographic museum, whose exhibition programme is informed by visual culture.
Julien Maire (1969, Metz, FR, now living in Berlin) kicks off the series. He operates at the point where installation, performance and media art meet and has for years been involved in reactivating old projection techniques with the aid of modern technology. His manipulations are driven by questions regarding current visual conventions and visual strategies in the digital era. For this occasion he will integrate elements from the Vrielynck collection into four of his installations (Memory Stations).

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View of the exhibition Mixed Memory , Fotomuseum antwerpen

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“Perpendicular Cinema “, 2011

48 mirrors drived by servo motors and a software reflect part of a found footage
from the Vrielynck collection.

Produced by DOCK Berlin e.V. supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

Electronic by Sukandar Kartadina, software by Yacine Sebdi assistance for construction Jana LInke .

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"Flip Dots Mirrors", 2011

48 flip-dots coated with First Surface Mirrors reflect part of a slide picture of a public sitting in a tribune ( found footage from the Vrielynck collection)

Produced by M HKA

Electronic by Sukandar Kartadina, software by Yacine Sebdi,
assistance for construction Jana Linke and Jean-Pierre Fargeas .

© j.maire

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